Friday, May 2, 2008


Just so that I can say I posted a pattern.

This beautiful thing is my Caesium scarf, I finished it yesterday.

She stands at a marvellous 21cm wide and 150cm long.

Quotes include: "Never before have I so wanted to shag someone for their awesome knitware."

The pattern:

Tension is unimportant. Lyk, srsly.

Yarn used was black 8-ply (I used Panda Carnival because it was cheap) and tapestry wool (Yeah, I'm not kidding. Unless you have yarn of a similar weight in many colours.).

To be a bit more specific, you'll need about 100 grams of black 8-ply and tapestry wool (or remnants) in the following colours:
- Purple
- Teal
- Greeny yellow
- True yellow
- Orange
- Orangey red
- Brick red
- Maroon
- Magenta

The hook used was 4.5ml.

Now, this is bucket chemistry erm crochet. Which is pretty much the way I do everything. So if you're confused (I don't blame you), ask and I will attempt to explain then amend this pattern.

Notes: This is more of a set of guidelines than a pattern. SC means single crochet and DC means double crochet. For goodness sakes, don't forget your turning chains! I am not going to be constantly reminding you.

To the meat of it!

You pattern is a list.
For each entry there's 3 parts: a length in centimetres, a colour and the number 1 or 2.
The length: How long your scarf should be before you change colour.
The colour: What colour to change to.
1 or 2: how many rows of single crochet to do in that colour.

Between each entry you work 1 DC in each stitch using your black yarn.

The list itself:

- 6cm, Purple, 2
- 31cm, Teal, 2
- 33cm, Teal, 2
- 71cm, Greeny yellow, 1
- 78cm, True yellow, 2
- 84cm, True yellow, 2
- 91cm, Orange, 2
- 96cm, Orange, 1
- 106cm, Orangey red, 1
- 110cm, Orangey red, 2
- 119cm, Brick red, 2
- 129cm, Maroon, 1
- 131cm, Maroon, 1
- 143cm, Magenta, 1

So, you would chain 32 using black.
Do your turning chain and DC once in each stitch.
continue DCing once in each stitch for each row until your scarf is 6 cm long.
Change to purple, do two rows of 1 SC in each stitch.
Change back to black and return to DCing once in each stitch.
When your scarf is 31 cm long, change to teal and do 2 rows of 1 SC in each stitch.
Change back to black and continue DCing until the scarf is 33cm long. (1 row of DC.)
Change to teal....
... Time passes, we finally get to the end.
Change to magenta, do 1 row of SC.
Change to black, continue DCing until the scarf is 150cm long. Although, if you want to add a few more rows on the head and tail of the scarf, it doesn't matter.

Weave in all those ends. Add tassels if desired.

Ta-Da! Wear your science for all to see.

Disclaimer: I wrote this version at 1 am. Thus, I will go back and edit it later. I do not own Caesium or chemistry.

Other information: Srsly, don't sell anything made from this, or this pattern. Just teach them to crochet it for themselves and get them to pay you for the lessons. I really would like to see your version of this scarf.


Bridget said...

Very nice way to get your geek on. Like it!

andrea said...

hi, thanks for the comment on the gauge. definately important. i will have to check with my finished object & wil get back to you :) i love your scarf.

InfoxicatingLady said...

Are the stitches in UK or US terms?
I note you're from Sydney, so I'm presuming UK, but given that I prefer UK and my sister prefers US (I'm in Central West NSW and she's in Qld), I figure I should check